• First apartment. First home. First rug.

    Primarily machine-made from synthetic materials, starter rugs embody temporary beauty for those at the very beginning of their rug journey. With proper care, plan to replace a starter rug in 3-5 years. Likely at the perfect time to step up to our Lifestyle lines.

    Some starter rugs are perfect for outdoor use as indicated in the description.

  • A step up in quality, beauty, and craftsmanship.

    Typically made of wool or high-quality synthetics, lifestyle rugs intermingle beauty and accessibility. Whether they are hand-tufted, hand-loomed, or hand-finished, these pieces require human touch to come into being. With proper care, plan a decade or more with a rug from our lifestyle line.

  • True masterpieces for your floor.

    Hand knotted from the finest materials; our luxury rugs are original works of art in a world of prints.

    Carefully and responsibly sourced from premium importers there is nothing like a real rug. These masterpieces represent months of labor by the finest artisans. Experience the difference in quality and beauty a luxury rug makes in a home. Proper care ensures these heirloom pieces will retain their beauty for generations.